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India’s leading school search platform, SchoolGarten offers a directory of pre-schools, day-cares, day schools, and boarding schools across various cities in India. Additionally, it provides information on additional courses and entrance exams that contribute to holistic development. Stay informed with their blog, featuring articles on education, parenting, and school admissions.

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School administrators and owners can benefit from SchoolGarten as well. By listing their schools in the directory, they can increase visibility among parents actively searching for the best educational options. The platform enables direct connections with potential students, showcasing the school’s strengths and unique offerings. Join SchoolGarten to expand reach and connect with prospective students and parents, building meaningful connections within the education community. Submit school information at and let SchoolGarten be a partner in achieving success.

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If you are owner / Admin or Coordinator of coaching Institute or Tuition Center or Online Courses website and would like to showcase your institute’s, Online Courses details free on our website to attract more students, we invite you to contact us at